Practice Areas

  • Violent Crimes

    • What are Violent Crimes?

    In Massachusetts, violent crimes are comprised generally of acts that involve the use or threat of use of physical force
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  • Drug Crimes

    • What are the different types of drug crimes?

    Massachusetts law provides for the following drug-related crimes: Possession, Possession with Intent to
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  • Theft / Property Crimes

    • What are Theft or Property Crimes?

    In Massachusetts, property crimes involve allegations where somebody else’s property is stolen and/or
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  • OUI / Motor Vehicle Offenses

    • What are Motor Vehicle Offenses?

    In Massachusetts, motor vehicle offenses refer to any violation of state-mandated driving laws. Criminal motor
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  • Public Order Offenses

    • What are Public Order Offenses?

    Public Order Offenses refer to criminal acts that alter the good public order and offend not only a particular
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